A Beautiful Alternative to Shame Culture (In Which I Vandalise Magazines)

A Beautiful Alternative to Shame Culture (In Which I Vandalise Magazines)

I hate trashy magazines. And I particularly hated the recent Now magazine cover – as you’ll probably know, if you follow me on Twitter, because it caused me to fly into such a rage my poor ol’ Mum ended up having to bring me a cup of tea and a sandwich as I sat, hunched and sweary, over my laptop, at Christmas.

I hate them because I think they’re damaging, cruel, and unfair to both men and women – and if you’re into depressing statistics, click here to read my extended rant on the topic.

However, yesterday, as part of 30 Days of Good Stuff, I asked the following questions:

What do you love about your body?

What makes you beautiful?

Now, I spent most of the day dealing with a leak in my roof, and the fact that my site was down – but all day, messages were pouring in. And over 12 hours, they had a cumulative effect of making me realise all the things I love about my body, too. Even more than usual, that is.

And so, I found myself staying up until the early hours of the morning, getting high on Tipp-ex and Sharpie fumes, correcting two women’s magazines to reflect what these real, beautiful, amazing women think about their bodies.

For most, this kinda thinking didn’t come naturally, and a few said they struggled to find anything at all to love – but let’s face it. It’s not exactly surprising, in the context of a media landscape that’s pure shaming asshattery.

And that’s the point I want to make, right here.

Imagine if women’s magazine’s were like this, instead of this. Imagine if body positivity, rather than shame, were the norm. Imagine how much better life would be if 7 year old girls weren’t on diets, and rates of eating disorders weren’t going through the roof.

It’s doable guys. It’s totally doable.

I strongly, passionately believe that by moving the discourse towards something positive – something that makes it OK to be beautiful and loved, regardless of your shape, size, or any of the other things that make you amazing and different to everybody else – we could change the world.

I hope that, by the time you reach the end of this post, you’re as inspired as I was.

And whoever you are – you’re bloody gorgeous.

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