A Marketing Fail So Big I Had to Share

A Marketing Fail So Big I Had to Share

This is maybe a little off the usual topic, for me. Or maybe it isn’t. I don’t know. Here’s the situation.

You all know I work in marketing, right? I’ve confessed this plenty o’times before. Judge if you will, but let’s be clear – I enjoy my job, and at least I’m not this guy.

This guy is Brice Kelly, and he works as a content editor for a bariatric surgery website in Texas. He’s not a spambot: I’ve found him on LinkedIn and he really does exist. Here’s the email:

Hey there Katie,

My name is Brice Kelley, and I work with Dr. Peter Fisher as a content editor. I’ve been looking for bloggers that are influential in the industry, and you’re at the top of my list. I’d love to write a guest post for your blog to give you some more great content and get our name in front of some new readers as well.

Here’s what I was thinking for possible topics:

“Looking Good in 2013: Your Guide to Body Contouring Surgery.”

“What Every Patient has Misunderstood about Plastic Surgery for Way too Long.”

Let me know which one of these you like most, or let me know if you have any suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, I welcome you to learn a little more about who we are here: (Editor’s note: I’m not linking to this crap.)



Thanks for the completely off topic spam, Brice. Much appreciated.

I’ve written a whole number of times that for most people, surgery is not the answer. This whole blog is about changing your life on your own – and (oh my God here I go again) it’s not just about weight loss. It’s about knowing yourself, and growing as a person, overcoming your demons and getting happy – not about dropping 100lbs in a matter of months.

I mean, come on Brice – all you had to do was check. The clue is in the name of this blog: “Why You Probably Don’t Need Surgery.” There’s also no such thing as a quick fix, right here.

I’m not here to judge anyone for their decisions. If you decide weight loss surgery is the route you want to take, then by all means, go for it – but only if you’ve tried everything else first. It’s got to be a last resort.

What I am here to judge people for, however, is this kind of incompetence. I can’t help but wonder when I read things like this, that if the marketing teams behind these doctors is so shoddy… What else are they getting wrong?

2 thoughts on “A Marketing Fail So Big I Had to Share”

  • It is a numbers game. You “probably” would say “no” or more likely, not respond at all. But he’s going to hit everyone writing about health and nutrition and eventually someone will say, “yes!”

    I’ve heard a rumor of a legend that Gene Simmons from Kiss would approach every woman at a party, asking them to sleep with him and failing, he’d just go on to the next woman until eventually one of them would say yes. Sounds like Brice is doing the Gene Simmons thing. I think it little matters to dear Brice that you’re obviously not condoning those kinds of methods, sadly. It’s not about listening or helping to Brice. I’s about the hit and then the sale. 🙁

    • I completely agree – but as a marketer myself, I just can’t let that fly! No siree – it’s a warning to idiot marketers everywhere. Idiots.

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