A Mini-Manifesto For Things That Should Be Totally Freakin’ Obvious

A Mini-Manifesto For Things That Should Be Totally Freakin’ Obvious

So this evening, I got really wound up, and exploded. As you do.

Because I’m getting ever more exasperated with this ridiculous god damn asshat-ridden world in which apparently ‘everyone being nice to themselves and each other’ is a foreign concept – and the idea that you can love your body for its imperfections is causing me to meet with actual side-eyes.

In real life.

So, to save me having to once again explain that it is okay to be happy, consider that Twitter rant recorded herein. See below for some fairly incoherent, angry words of what I would term What Should Be Freakin’ Obvious. Here goes:

Thin people are beautiful. Fat people are beautiful. Everyone in between is beautiful.

I don’t give a shiny damn if you have a thigh gap, or if your thighs are tasty-ass chicken drumsticks like mine. I don’t care if you’ve got a big stomach or washboard abs. I don’t care if you’ve got big boobs, a flat butt, a big stomach or washboard abs. You should think the same about me.

I just care that you’re a person. I expect the same in return.

But don’t ignore what makes you you.

Whatever you’ve got: own it. Whoever you are: own that.

Don’t be ashamed; don’t judge. Don’t throw negativity in your own direction, or anyone else’s. Just be nice.

Be confident. Be flawed. Be beautiful, not in the way swooshy hair ads and diet ‘after’ pictures say is beautiful, but in the way you, individually, are beautiful.

Be normal. Be weird. Be ugly – powerfully, confidently, I-don’t-give-a-crap ugly.

In fact, just don’t give a crap.

Don’t sit uncomfortably just ’cause you feel you’ve got to. Don’t fake-smile for photos you know you’re going to hate. Just smile, and be you.

Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve a voice. You do deserve a voice, and it deserves to be heard. Loud.

Don’t believe anyone that says they’re selling something that’ll make you happy. It’s probably just going to distract you from what you really need.

Don’t buy into the idea that foods are bad, that pain is good, that you should ever, ever have to change in any way, for anyone but you alone.

Don’t waste your life worrying. Every moment you lose to thinking you’re not perfect – that your life isn’t perfect – is one in which you could be living. Like, properly living.

Don’t forget to challenge ideas. Assume big ideas are wrong, and know they can be changed by small ones. Your ones.

Don’t read magazines. And if you do, don’t believe anything you see.

Being vulnerable enough to be kind, but strong enough to know yourself – that’s perfection.

In other words: be you. Be good. Be happy.

Over and out, guys. Over and bloody out.

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