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Since Fat Girl, PhD began in April 2012, I’ve been amazed at the huge response I’ve had to the blog all over the world. It’s been a hell of a ride – and I’ve recently been named one of the Evening Standard’s 20 Best Bloggers in London, which is unbelievably cool. I’m also a finalist in this year’s UK Blog Awards – and check this out: this is me, being interviewed alongside Lisa Lampinelli, on HuffPost Live:

Here’s some of the press I’ve appeared in (or written!) recently:

The Independent – New guidelines suggest the NHS should refer obese patients to Weight Watchers – but is counting points pointless?

Daily Mail – Opera world erupts with anger at ‘sexist’ critics who called soprano star ‘dumpy’

The Guardian – Opera Reviewers: Forget the Body Shaming and Focus on the Singing

Jezebel – Jerks Say Opera Star Too Fat to Be Good at Singing

Salon – An Opera Singer’s Backlash Wasn’t Just Sexism

NPR Music – In 2012, the Classical World Still Can’t Stop Fat-Shaming Women

Evening Standard – The Mindfulness Backlash: It’s Time to Engage Your Brain Again, says Guy Hands

Huffington Post – Weight Watchers’ New Campaign Reaches New Heights of Cynicism

Huffington Post & Huff Post Live – Let’s Nip This Bikini Body Thing in the Bud

SportStylist – Sportstylist Meets Inspirational Fitness Blogger Katie Lowe

Women’s Walking Magazine (April 2014) – Mind How You Go

BBC Radio Tees (13th Mar 2014) – Women’s Bodies in the Media

Evening Standard – Just My Type: The Capital’s 20 Best Bloggers

Evening Standard – Hungry Games: How to Survive Office Diet Politics

LOOK Magazine (4th Feb 2014) – Beyoncé’s Weight Loss: Has She Gone Too Far?

BBC London – Increasing Activity Levels for Better Health

The Daily Mail – Forget Cankles and Thutts, Are We Supposed to Worry About Our Earlobes?

The DeBrief – I Became an Accidental Thinspiration Sharer

The Sun – Which Lady is Obese?

HuffPost Live – Dangers of the Internet’s Latest Body Fad

The Oxford Mail – The ‘Fourth Wave’ of Feminism

The Huffington Post – Bikini Bridge Hoax or Not, I Am Over Body Shaming

HuffPost Live – Body-Positive Communities: A Force For Good

Daily Mail – Women Weighing Less than Ten Stone Most Desirable; but What Does That Mean for Average UK Woman?

BBC WM – Are Diet Pills a Safe Way to Lose Weight?

The Huffington Post – Things You Should Know If You’ve Got a Lot of Weight to Lose

NBC/Today Show – Don’t Fall for the ‘Bikini Bridge’ Prank the Internet is Playing On You

New York Daily News – ‘Bikini Bridge’ Started as Internet Prank But Will Likely Do Real Damage

VH1 – The “Bikini Bridge” is Instagram’s Most Controversial New Hashtag

Bustle – The Bikini Bridge May Be a Hoax, But It’s Harmful

Closer Magazine Online – Disturbing ‘bikini bridge’ fad a hoax; faked by the same people who triggered the #CutForBieber hashtag – Don’t Fall for the Bikini Bridge Prank

Segment – Bikini Bridge is Nothing But a Cruel Internet Prank

MSN Canada – Don’t Fall for the Bikini Bridge Hoax

India Today – How Bikini Bridges Went From Being a Hoax to an Almost Real Trend

Latinos Post – ‘Bikini Bridge’ Mems & Thinspiration: Viral Prank Dangerous to People with Eating Disorders

Daily Mail – Is the Bikini Bridge the New Thigh Gap?

The Huffington Post (UK) – The Bikini Bridge Isn’t A New Selfie Fad, Thank God, Rather A Giant Hoax – But Is It Still Damaging? – Is the Bikini Bridge the New Thigh Gap?

Yahoo! News Australia – Bikini Bridge: Internet Prank Turned Real

HLN (CNN) – J-Law: Most Responsible Star in Hollywood?

Chatelaine – Six Ways to Put an End to Your Negative Self-Talk (For Good!)

HuffPost Live – Body Shaming Leads to Weight Gain

XOJane – The Extreme Dietry of Robyn Wilder

The Huffington Post – I Lost Weight: Katie Lowe Found a Gym Close to Home and Lost 115 Pounds

HuffPost Live – Weight Loss and Fat Jokes: Lisa Lampinelli Talks Comedy & Weight Loss

MindBodyGreen – Yoga, Breath, and Releasing Pain: How I Lost 100+ Pounds

BBC WM – Interview with Adrian Goldberg

BBC Hereford & Worcester – Interview with Andrew Easton

Daily Mail – Student Loses Nine Stone After Moving Next Door to a Gym

The Sun – Woman Lost Nine Stone After Moving Next Door to Sports Centre

Daily Star – Student Loses Nine Stone After Moving Next Door to Gym

Oh, and here’s me being quoted in languages I don’t understand – love you, internet: – Mollīga britu blogere sajūsmā, ka par viņu raksta – Kiekje ín het bikinibroekje nieuwste hype – Neuer Fitness-Hype: Die Bikini-Brücke – Uusi vaarallinen kauneusihanne: Bikini-selfiessä halutaan lantioluiden törröttävän

Kobieta – “Bikini bridge” nowy niepokojący trend w sieci

Dziennik Zachodni –  “Bikini bridge”, czyli most w gaciach: Hit internetu 2014 roku [ZDJĘCIA]

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