Back to the Future

Back to the Future

A very, very large part of my reason to move to this particular flat was location, location, location. It’s closer to my family, and it’s two doors down from the flat I lived in that day when I made the decision to enter the gym across the road. Yesterday, I rejoined said gym – and tonight, I saw my old trainer (who is amazing – even if he’s fairly brutal in his circuits class!) and the very, very lovely receptionists who were always super encouraging of yours truly, Fat Girl PhD, when I was double fat.

Honestly, it’s so thrilling to be back. I’ve been to a few different gyms, having moved quite a lot over the last year or so – but none of them are as friendly, encouraging, or as all-round-great as my (new) local gym. So it’s all good on that front.

And something even more exciting has happened too – I’ve gained the ULTIMATE WORKOUT BUDDY.

My sister and I used to work out together, but we were both very much at different points in our fitness, and we both had very different goals – but the last two nights we’ve gone together and we’re the perfect match. I feel like writing her a love letter or something of the like.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not easy. She is a HARD taskmaster. I did ask for it though – we were doing the plank, counting backwards from 30, and I foolishly decided to add in a few random “and a halfs” along the way. Thought I was being clever, didn’t I?

So then, she got me doing some evil, evil leg stretches and bends that she’s learned from a (clearly sadistic) aerobics instructor. Consider me punished.

Anyway, the point I’m getting to is that finding a place where you can work out and genuinely enjoy yourself – and feel comfortable shakin’ yo’ ass on a treadmill, or hand-dancing to Nicki Minaj on a bike – makes a huge difference to your attitude towards working out. And finding the ultimate workout buddy? That’s harder – but if you can find one, you’ll see the difference when you’re trying exercises you’d never normally attempt, and having a giggle at the same time.

After all, laughing’s got to be good for the abs – right?

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