Choosing Your Goals – and My New Ones!

Choosing Your Goals – and My New Ones!

Yesterday, I made an exciting decision. In 7 weeks, I’m doing the Race for Life with my Mum and sister!

We did it once before, years and years ago when I was still at school, and I huffed and puffed my way through walking the 5k – I wasn’t exactly at my physical peak, let’s put it that way. Now I’m coming back to it, older, wiser and fitter – and I’m determined to beat my time of an hour by quite some margin. I’m aiming for 45 minutes – not all that swift, but following three knee surgeries, I think that’s a fair goal.

So that got me thinking about my other goals, and as I’ve flagged recently what with the move, and being ill, and so on, I thought it might be time to come up with some new goals for myself.

It’s important when you’re setting goals to find the balance between easy and impossible, and short- and long-term – particularly with regards to fitness and weight loss. If I’d said to myself when I first started that losing anything less than 100lbs was failure… Well, that means I’m a failure now. But I was aiming for half a stone, then a stone, then two stone, and so on – and so it’s been a process of continuously achieving goals, rather than striving towards one that’s really difficult. And for God’s sake, don’t hold yourself to the “I will lose x lbs by x date” rule – because that always fails. Your body isn’t as predictable as all that.

Every positive decision you make and decide to stick to will help you to move one step closer to achieving your goals – so try to think of things you can do in increments, with gradual changes being the goal rather than a drastic transformation. You’ll then feel good every time you take another step towards it – every workout you do with the goal of having “better legs” or “a smaller bum” will help, even if you don’t see a change in the mirror immediately.

Finally – when you’re setting your goals, think of things that will really inspire you. Having a number of dull goals that you don’t really want to do (for instance, “do a juice fast” or something of that ilk – not that there’s anything wrong with that if it works for you, but mneh… I wouldn’t be inspired by that) is doomed to failure. Whereas Michelle Obama arms?

Oh yeah. That’s inspiring.

Here’s the plan:

New Goals

  • Follow the Couch to 5k Plan: Maybe not all the way – but in the 7 weeks I’ve got before the race, I’d like to try to get as far as I can. Week 7 actually involves 25 solid minutes of running, so if I get anywhere close to that, I’ll be deserving of my very own Rocky montage.
  • Work on “The Guns”: When you lose a lot of weight, it’s important to do a lot of weight training to tone up areas like your arms to avoid flabby guns. Fortunately I’ve always done this, so my arms are pretty good – but they could always be better. I WILL BE Michelle Obama.
  • Figure out how to use the Bosu Ball: Apparently this is a favourite of Christina Hendricks, who gives me some serious body envy. So it’s definitely worth figuring out how to use it, given I’ve got access to one at the gym!
  • Find some new recipes: I love cooking, but I don’t do it all that much because my housemate is the most incredible chef – so I’m more than happy to wash up dinner instead! But I need some new lunchspiration – so I’ll post the results on the blog as I go!
  • Get festival ready: I’m going to Global Gathering at the end of July and I’m ridiculously excited. But I’m definitely going to need to be firing on all cylinders physically to survive 2 nights in a tent surrounded by three days of dancing!

So… What are your goals?

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    • I have to say, I found it pretty intense – but I’m getting there (slowly!) Ended up taking it a little slower than the recommended speed as I’m recovering from a knee injury, but my fitness has improved massively since I started – so it’s all good!

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