Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Diet in January; or, 30 Days of Good Stuff is Back (Again!)

Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Diet in January; or, 30 Days of Good Stuff is Back (Again!)

Damn it, I  freakin’ love Christmas. I love the music, I love the twinkly lights, I love time spent with friends and family… And I really, really love the food and drink. My Mum’s cooking is better than anyone else’s (sorry ’bout it – there’s no room for argument on this one.)

What I don’t love, however, is the inevitable post-Christmas diet bonanza.

I mean, don’t get me wrong – I’m definitely carrying a lil’ more figgy pudding than I do for most of the year, and a lil’ bit of me is looking forward to a few weeks without a party (read: hangover) – but the endless adverts for diets that are about to hit make me… Well, quite frankly, they make me hulk out.

Let me say it here, for you to bear in mind whenever you see one of these adverts in the next week or so: enjoying the festive season does not make you (yes you) a terrible person. Gaining a couple o’pounds isn’t a mortal sin, and you shouldn’t measure your self-worth in terms of the number on the scale.

And that’s why, once again, I’m bringin’ back 30 Days of Good Stuff for 2015.

As a rule, I generally take issue with the arbitrary “January 1st is the best day to change your life” model – but I’d rather you picked my free (free!) health and happiness booster than handed over a whole bunch of your hard earned cash to one of the many, many companies trying to cash in on your post-Christmas guilt.

So what is 30 Days of Good Stuff?

I’ll tell you what it ain’t: a diet. Because let’s face facts: on any given day, almost half of all women and a quarter of all men in the US are on a diet, helping to fund an industry that’s worth over $50bn. 80% of all dieters fail to lose weight, and a third go on to gain additional weight afterwards.

Of course, you’re welcome to use the meal and exercise plans on my site, but the point of 30 Days isn’t weight loss. Hell, the point of this whole website isn’t weight loss.

It’s about happiness – changing your attitude, your mindset, and your self-love firmly in the direction of… Well, good stuff.

You can just sign up to receive the daily emails below, and do yo’ thang solo – or, you can get involved in the Facebook group here and tweet or Instagram using the hashtag #30daysofgoodstuff. In other words, you can get involved as little or as much as you like – and make 2015 your most amazing year yet.

So… Who’s with me?

Click here to sign up – and I’ll see you in 2015!

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