Getting Off Your Ass

Getting Off Your Ass

Oh, some days are HARD. Really hard.

Especially when you’re a scary hormonal cowbag, like I was earlier this week. I’m not gonna lie guys – I’ve been wandering around the office, trying my level best to conceal my deranged wrath at nothing in particular, contemplating curling up in a ball in a barrel of ice cream and tissues… Yeah. That bad.

Anyway, I’m sure all girls reading this are familiar with this feeling. It’s just one of those things you have to deal with when you’re a grown-up – which, most of the time, I like to think I am.

I seem to end up writing a lot about motivation, which I think is partly because I have to keep reminding myself to cling to it for dear life. It’s not one of those things where you’ve either got it, or you haven’t – motivation is one of those things you keep having to add to and actively encourage if you’re going to keep whatever you’re doing up. This week, I have been less than motivated, because I have been in DEMON HELL GIRL mode.

But today, it was the Race for Life here in Worcester, and I’ll be honest – this morning, I looked out of the window and really didn’t fancy the idea of pegging it around a muddy racecourse in the pouring rain. Fortunately, I had a rather cheery outfit to make myself feel a little better about the situation:

Now, you might have to take a moment to be impressed with how cool I am at this point. That’s fine. It happens. Me, my Mum and my sister had all decided to call ourselves team Flower Power, hence the foliage and the 1960s glasses – but it’s hard to maintain this level of cool over a 5k. So by the end, it was a little more like this:

It was a really lovely day though – the atmosphere was fantastic, although a little bittersweet, with everyone’s reasons for running on their backs, some of which had my already-slightly-over-emotional self a tad teary-eyed. And my Mum and I finished in 46:33! My last 5k took well over an hour, and I spent the whole thing cursing and panting – in comparison, this was… *gulp* Fun!

Once we’d recovered ourselves, we went for a leisurely lunch, and then the unexpected happened.

Me and my sister… Well, we went to the gym. And we worked out. I KNOW. Ridiculous.

I’ve really not been enjoying my workouts this week – not because anything’s wrong with it, but I’ve just been feeling rather listless and hormonal, and as a result, I’ve not been putting in the effort, which in turn means I’ve not been getting the buzz afterwards, meaning (you guessed it) I don’t look forward to going back. Fortunately, I’ve been doing this long enough now to know that this happens sometimes, and you’ve just got to keep plodding along through it.

This afternoon, the sun’s come back out and I’ve recovered my mojo. And we raised some money for a great cause, and in memory of some great women who – as my Mum very eloquently pointed out earlier – would do anything for one day like this. So make the most of every moment – and stay motivated!

5 thoughts on “Getting Off Your Ass”

  • This one brought tears to my eyes! Was looking for motivation tips and I think I found it……Just know the lack of motivation passes and try your hardest to stick with! And so……Im getting of my butt and heading to my stationary bike!!!

    • ‘Atta girl! It is quite hard to keep the momentum going – I know I’ve started off with great intentions previously and let it fade out, but it does get easier the longer you do it. Once you start seeing results it’s hard to stop! Just try to remind yourself every day that you’re changing your life for the better – and forever – and it’ll suddenly all make sense!

      Good luck with your journey 🙂

    • Agreed! I love circuit training on days like that – if only because the instructor doesn’t seem to mind when I shout back!

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