I Need to Eat…More?

I Need to Eat…More?

I have had a super, super-busy week – it’s been my first week back at work after a bit of a break, I’ve been bringing some freelance projects to an end, and…I’ve been on a couple of dates. (Very exciting!) Which is why I’ve been a tad quiet on the blogging front – sorry guys!

I find when I’m really busy, the second I take a break I just want to have a lie down and take it easy for a bit – which is not conducive to my excellent fitness habits that I’ve worked so hard to cultivate. I also find that when I’m pushed for time, I’m not so great at eating right – but rather than turning to a bucket of ice cream, I just find myself not eating enough, and this isn’t doing me any favours either. I was talking to Mr. Super-Duper-Trainer-Man this week, having given him a week’s food diary and alas – I’ve well and truly fallen into that trap. I don’t tend to count calories, as a rule, because I’ve been eating until I’m full and not going hungry – but it turns out I’ve only been chowing down on 900 calories a day. Which is nowhere even close to enough.

This is partly because I’ve lost most of my go-to foods (namely, bread and pasta) because I’m coeliac, and I’ve not yet found a replacement that I really like and that I can afford (self-funding a PhD isn’t cheap, you know) – although I’m open to recommendations. As for rice and potatoes, I definitely need to eat more of these. I know this. But given I’m always eating either at work, or on the move, I need to make sure I find time to prepare these in advance.

In short, I need to buy shares in tupperware.

The effects of not eating enough are pretty interesting, because it’s a sort of trade-off between being healthy, and being skinny. We did a body stat measurement a month ago, then two weeks ago, and again on Wednesday, and the difference between the weeks is pretty clear. The first fortnight, I wasn’t stressed, was eating plenty, and was getting plenty of time for exercise (along with walking to and from work every day), and I lost fat and gained muscle – which is exactly what we’re aiming for. This time, I lost fat, but I also lost a bit of muscle – and while that might sound good, it’s not.

Muscle is much more efficient than fat, really important for your health, and – I don’t know where this falls on your priority list, but it’s pretty high on mine – looks DAMN good. A lot of girls I know will actively avoid resistance training in favour of cardio because they’re scared to bulk up – but then complain that they’ve got ‘flab’ even though they’re the perfect weight. Building muscle gives you that lean, toned look – which is what I’m aiming for, so the fact that I’ve lost some muscle over the last few weeks is bad news. Bad news indeed.

I’m being honest that I’ve gone from emotional eating to not eating enough when I’m stressed out, because I’m going to do exactly as I’ve been told and eat exactly as I should going forward. This means near enough doubling my calories, combined with getting a reasonable, totally achievable amount of exercise every day.

Apparently, if I do that, in 13 weeks I’ll be 147lbs. Which would be mind-blowing.

I’m hoping if I do that (and record it here!) I’ll be living proof that you can lose weight and eat a tasty, balanced diet (whilst, presumably, being stressed out – because I have some very busy weeks coming up!) Oh, also – I am skint. Poor. Destitute. However you want to put it. So it’s going to need to be cheap, too.

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of eating too much or too little – and not fitting in exercise – when you lead a hectic lifestyle, and I’d like the next three months to show it’s possible to make it work.

So…let’s eat!

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