Meal Plan, Round 2: The Tricked Out Clean Eatin’ Ass Kickin’ Edition

Meal Plan, Round 2: The Tricked Out Clean Eatin’ Ass Kickin’ Edition

Due to very popular demand, I’m delighted to share a brand new version of the Meal Plan with y’all – hoorah!

This follows me doing a whole bunch of studying on the personal training and nutrition front – with feedback from some of my current lovely clients, plus some other amazing people I’ve met over the last year and a bit since the last one came out.

I’ve learned a lot, and while it’s still following the same principles as the original plan, this one has a couple of differences that the eagle-eyed among you may spot immediately.

Firstly, the recipes are considerably simpler than Version 1.

That’s a result of the fact that, these days, I work considerably longer hours than I used to – so meals I can whip up in a jiffy (and with as little washing up as possible) have become my main priority – so you’ll find that most of the recipes here are pretty simple to make.

Secondly, each day here totals about 1500-1600 calories, rather than the 1700-1800 the previous version covered. But that’s not to say you ought to be eating less.

Nope – instead, this version’s about working out what works for you. You should still be working to the BMR calculations outlined in there, as before – but you should expand the portion sizes and snacks accordingly, so that (hopefully) you’ve got a lil’ more flexibility in terms of cooking what floats your boat.

And finally, since I did the last version, I got Instagram. So you’ll notice the pictures are hella prettier.

That kinda thing is important, I think you’ll agree.

Now, like 30 Days of Good Stuff, the Exercise Programme and the original Meal Plan, I like to give stuff away for free, or as close to it as possible – because I really want to help people out and, y’know… Change lives. That kinda thing.

With that said, running this blog costs me about five times as much as I make from the advertising and stuff – so if you’re feeling flush, and you’d like to shout me a coffee (or a burger) to help a sister out, it’d be very much appreciated, and you can do so here.

Now, without further ado – click here to download the brand new Meal Plan… And please, pretty please share the love, and let me know what you think!

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  • I discovered your blog today and I love it! I think I will stick around. I am also a fat girl on a journey to a healthier lifestyle, healthier weight, healthier body image perception. Thanks for being an inspiration!

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