Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Hello! This is only a short post, but I wanted to check in and wish you guys a very, very Merry Christmas. Here’s me and my gorgeous, wonderful, super-intelligent (and a bit of a pop star) sister this morning – we thought we’d dress up this morning, to make up for the inevitable pyjama time after dinner!

Me and Bex

You’ve got no idea how amazing a year you’ve all given me with your support of the blog – and in the spirit of Christmas, I wanted to thank you all for it. You’re awesome.

I also wanted to make sure there’s nobody out there feeling guilty for overindulging today, or for making the most of the festive season. Don’t do that. As I said at Thanksgiving, you deserve to be happy, and to enjoy your life – so make sure that’s on the agenda today.

Bask in today, and make sure you take a moment to enjoy what’s good in your life. For me, that’s time spent with the family – my gorgeous Mum (and her amazing cooking), my lovely sister (and her incredible talents) and my incredible Dad (and his encyclopedic knowledge of and passion for… Well, everything!)

I know I’m one of the luckiest people in that I’ve got everything around me I could possibly need – and I’m not talking about presents – but I think it’s important to take a moment to think about people who aren’t so fortunate today. It’d be disrespectful not to appreciate every single part of what you’ve got, knowing that it’s a luxury that other people don’t necessarily have.

Health, wealth, family, even just that warm fuzzy feeling when you hear your favourite Christmas song, or a bizarre seasonal crush on Michael Buble (I know – I can’t help it) – whatever it is that’s given you happiness this Christmas… Make sure you take a second to really, properly appreciate it. Life is short, but it’s also sweet – so make the best of every moment.

2013’s going to be a great year – and I’ve eaten so much and had so many hangovers already that I almost can’t wait to get started – but today… Enjoy. And let me know what you’re grateful for this year!

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  • After the craziness of this year, I’m just thankful to still have my little family all together. Our Christmases are a couple weeks apart (one with my mom and sister this past weekend, then one with his parents after the new year), but we’ll be home for an actual Christmas next year. Merry Christmas!

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