Recipe: Beef Stroganoff

Recipe: Beef Stroganoff

Per person:

150g Steak, Trimmed of Fat & Cut into Strips

1tsp Olive Oil

1 Medium Onion

1.5 Cloves of Garlic

1 Stalk of Celery

1 Small Green Chilli

50g Mushrooms

200ml Gravy, fairly thick

2tbsp Horseradish Sauce

75g White Rice (dry weight)


1. Cut the steak into strips that are about as wide as your index finger.

2. Chop the onions and brown them in a frying pan along with the strips of steak.

3. Combine the chopped chilli, garlic and celery with the browned onions and steak.

4. Boil a full kettle, and use some of the water make ½ pt of thick stock or gravy, and pour it into the frying pan.

5. Pop the rice on to boil.

6. Add the mushrooms and horseradish sauce to the frying pan and simmer until the sauce reduces to coat the ingredients.

If you’re feeling really snazzy – like I was when I took this photo, because I’m a posh cook innit – pop a sprig of fresh parsley on top of the rice when you serve. Yum!

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