Review: Adidas Supernova Glide 6

Review: Adidas Supernova Glide 6

I’ll admit, I’ve never been all that into the idea of running shoes. It’s seemed to me that they’re a pretty expensive outlay for something like running – when, really, running’s just about getting out there and getting moving.

So my first few attempts at running were a little abortive – not least because, as I’ve mentioned, my ol’ knees aren’t exactly in the best shape after a whole bunch of major surgeries a few years ago. They hurt. Really hurt.

But being a skeptic – and also, being poor – I’d never really thought about buying ‘proper running shoes.’

However, once I started getting into the idea of running – having cancelled my gym membership to save some much-needed funds – I figured if there was ever a time to think about getting some better shoes, this would be it. Don’t get me wrong – my trusty ol’ Nike Air Max will always hold a place in my heart, but they’re a hefty shoe that’s far more suited to the weights area than the pavement, and they didn’t seem to be doing me any favours in my first attempts at getting out and about.

In other words – it was time.

And well-timed it was, too. As part of their Fashionably Fit campaign, the folks over at kindly offered to kit me out with some snazzy sneakers to get me on my way – and in a decision made in the exact mid-point between research and random guessing, I plumped for the impressively named Adidas Supernova Glide 6.

I’ll admit, it was partly because the description said ‘comparable to the functionality of an airplane’s landing gear.’ Sue me, but if I’m going to have bionic knees, I might as well attempt flight, too.

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Anyway, I had a feeling I’d made the right decision when they arrived at the promotional staffing agency I work for, only for a visiting Brand Ambassador to say ‘I worked on a campaign for those last year, and they are amazing’ and talk me through the benefits of ‘Boost technology’ – which means these shoes are designed to help you bounce back off the ground when you hit it.

Pretty cool, huh?

Still, it wasn’t until I got them home and tentatively lifted them out of the box that I found myself realising quite how different these shoes were going to be. For a start – they’re ridiculously light, weighing in at about half the weight of my usual kickers (despite being half a size bigger.) Even the laces seem to be designed with that in mind, and to the untrained eye (ie., mine) you’d imagine they were made of polystyrene, judging by their weight.

After all those years of knee braces and immobilisers, it’s sort of ingrained in me that to offer any kind of support, running shoes would have to be built out of solid rubber to actually do anything – so I’ll admit, I had my doubts over whether something that light could offer any real barrier between my lolloping self and concrete.

But the real surprise came on putting them on.

Man, these shoes are like walking on clouds. I’m not kidding – they’re the single most comfortable shoe I’ve ever owned. Although I’ll admit – I had to walk around my house wearing them for a few hours first, just to get to grips with how my legs would respond to them, because that Boost technology thing is no joke. You spring, in a way that really does take a bit of getting used to.

Turns out running shoes aren’t like regular shoes at all.

The next day, I hit the pavement – and, as I’ve said, it all started coming together. Rather than feeling like I was dragging myself along, bouncing forward felt more organic, and less like a form of torture – and the strain on my ol’ joints was definitely reduced. For all their ‘springiness,’ they also felt supportive and firm on my feet, which – to me – is a great combination.

As an addenda to all the practicalities, they also look cute. I live in the city, so if I’m running somewhere, chances are I’ll have to journey on home in them afterwards – like yesterday, after the Sport Relief Games. And if that’s the case, I like my trainers to fit in with the rest of my outfit – and these do that pretty damn well.

In short, these trainers are one of the best things I’ve ever reviewed – they’re comfortable, practical and they look damn fine (in keeping with the rest of me, of course.) I’m a convert to the way of the running shoe – and I think these Glides are a great first pair.

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