Review: USA Pro Fitness Range

Review: USA Pro Fitness Range

I’ve been on a bit of a hunt of late for fitness clothes that actually fit. I mean, properly.

Let me give you a bit of a back story, here.

It is downright impossible, sometimes, to find clothing that actually stays put when you’re wearing it, especially if you’re what you might call ‘curvy,’ like yours truly. I mean, I love my boobs and bootay – but finding fitness-wear that sits and stays where it ought to be when you’re all jiggle and junk can be easier said than done.

Anyway, after a lot of moaning about the subject, the kind folks at USA Pro sent me some lovely samples from their current range to review – and I have to say, I was already a bit of a fan. See, I love fitness gear. Love it. But I also love being able to afford to eat, and often that pretty much rules out a lot of brands on the market – so the fact that most of the USA Pro range is relatively budget-friendly is a clear selling point, for me at least.

Now, let me start with one thing – if you’re a well-endowed-up-top kinda girl, the bras in this range ain’t for you, unless you’re wearing them over something with a lil’ more structure.

However, the rest of the range stands up pretty well to the jiggle test – by which I mean, me wearing it to exercise in. It’s very scientific, don’cha know.

My absolute most favourite item was their three-quarter leggings, which not only stayed put when running, jumping and crawling around at The Body Retreat, but also which made my booty look damn fine, if I do say so myself:


As you can see, they’re pretty flattering, and generously sized – going up to a UK size 20. To give you an idea of what I mean by generous, I’ve tried ’em in a UK size 10, 12 and 14 – and despite being more like a 16-18 in jeans, all of them fit, with the 12 being super-comfy, and offering just the right amount of ‘give’ without falling down.

They’ve also got some lovely tops in their range, with the Loose T-Shirts proving a particular favourite (I’m also wearing that in the photo above – although I’ll forgive you if you didn’t notice it thanks to the booty!) However, with these, the sizing isn’t quite so forgiving – I found the size 12 rode up a bit and was tight on the ol’ boobs, for me personally, but went out and bought myself a size 16 which gave a much better fit.

The biggest bargain, however, came in the form of their yoga leggings.

Hell, y’all. These things are insane.

They’re really, really, ridiculously comfortable – and while they’re not the most forgiving in the lighter shades (by which I mean, VPL and a fair amount of jiggle is visible) they’re absolutely bloody gorgeous in darker colours, and fit like a glove. I’ll admit that I haven’t been doing quite so much yoga in these badboys, mostly because they make for amazing sitting-around-doing-pretty-much-anything-wear – but at £5 or less, I am totally at peace with that decision.

So, overall, I’d really recommend the USA Pro range if you’re looking for a low-budget, comfortable option for fitness wear. It’s worth noting that they don’t stand up quite so well to a rigorous washing schedule (I wear them a lot) so I’d suggest putting ’em on a pretty low spin cycle to keep them from bobbling – but for the price and comfort they offer, I think they’re bloody brilliant for both fitness freaks and bootylicious newbies alike.

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